Sun, Jul 18, 2021
Babe Ruth is considered by many to be the best baseball player of all time. He was an amazing athlete but he was also the source of many outs. This Sunday, we will discuss his life and how it can relate to ours with a message enitled "1330 Strikeouts." Join us in person for our ONE worship service outside in our parking lot (under a huge tent) @ 10am. We will also be online at that time as well. It is National Ice Cream Day and we will enjoy an ice cream bar following our worship in the basement of the church.
Sun, Jul 11, 2021
In order for there to be unity in the church, we must think and act like Jesus. It all begins with our attitude. What does it take to have the same attitude, the mind of Christ? This Sunday, we discuss that question in a message entitled "The Story of the Gospel." Join us in person @ 9am or 11:10am or online @ 9am. We would love to hear from you in some way!
Sun, Jul 04, 2021
Duration:19 mins 58 secs
For many, it has been easy to forget how and why we were formed as a nation. If we ever want to have the blessing of God, we need to return to the principles that shaped us as the United States of America. This Sunday, the message is entitled "The Strand of Faith" and we will be encouraged to trust in our Savior as realize that God is the reason why we exist and God is the One who is to be trusted with our future. Join us in person @ 9am & 11:10am and online @ 9am.
Sun, Jun 27, 2021
Duration:31 mins 22 secs
Sun, Jun 20, 2021
Duration:21 mins 13 secs
Walk with Integrity; Proverbs 10:9 - In a world desperately needing faithful examples of our witness for Jesus, we need to walk with integrity.
Who Needs The Old Testament?
Sun, May 30, 2021
Duration:23 mins 19 secs
The Height and Depth of Prayer : Part 1
Sun, May 23, 2021
When God sees us, what does He see? When we know God sees us, how do we see ourselves? This Sunday we celebrate Pentecost, the birthday of the church, with a message entitled "An Honored Guest". Join us for worship in our church building @ 9am & 11:10am or online @ 9am.
Sun, May 16, 2021
Duration:21 mins 5 secs
Who Needs The Old Testament?
Sun, May 09, 2021
Duration:29 mins 28 secs
When he acted as a godly king, he was phenomenal. When he sinned, he was ridiculousy sinful. This, of course, was David, Israel's greatest king. This Sunday, we continue in our series called WHO NEEDS THE OLD TESTAMENT? with a message entitled "Learning From David." Join us in-person @ 9am or 11:10am or online @ 9am. If you decide to worship with us online, let us hear from you with a message of some sort. Also, check out our new and updated web page: Hope to see you in worship!