At Jennerstown UMC we offer two services each with it's own style. 

We offer two worship service on Sunday mornings, a Contemporary service at 9:00am and a more Traditional service at 11:10am. 

We offer In-Persho worship at both services as well as Live Streaming and on-demand viewing of our 9:00am service. 



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As we continue in our series WHO NEEDS THE OLD TESTAMENT?, we will be moving into the books of the Bible that see the Israelites conquer the Promised Land.  However, as they move in, there are dangers from enemies within their camp and outside of their camp.  We will discuss how we can be victorious against such foes in our lives today.


Sunday, May 2nd:   "JESUS IN THE OLD TESTAMENT"                              Scripture:  Selected Texts   

Sunday, May 9th:    "LEARNING FROM DAVID"                                         Scripture:  2 Samuel 5-6, 9, 11-12 and Psalm 51

Sunday, May 16th:  "HEIGHTS & DEPTHS OF PRAYER - PART 1"            Scripture:  Psalm 22, 42, 103, 136, 137

Sunday, May 23rd:  "HEIGHTS & DEPTHS OF PRAYER - PART 2"            Scripture:  Psalm 19,30,58, 96, 103, 119, 137

Sunday, May 30th:   "LET THE KISSING BEGIN!"                                      Scripture:  Song of Songs